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Hayden Rossignol

Hayden Rossignol is a young photographer from Portland, Oregon. He started his photography career at the age of 11. Once he picked up the camera he just couldn't put it down. With this support of his whole family he has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest capturing nature and wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Though he doesn't like to mention it, Hayden has won several awards for his photography. His awards include National Geographic Kids, Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards and one from Nat Geo that had one of his photos displayed in former Vice President Biden's home. He has also been interviewed for his photography from KOIN 6 news in Portland Oregon, PhotoWhoa, and the City of Gresham Oregon. He is always looking for ways to improve his photography. He has tried other types of photography including newborn, headshots, Legography, macro and wedding. He also enjoys sharing his photography adventures on Instagram under @StopandSeetheNature . 


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28 Jul

The 2017 Gresham Arts Festival

July 2017 was my third year at the Gresham Arts Festival. This was another Great year! This year they added a day. It was the night before. It was called Art Under the Stars. I had a great time. They had live music it was the Norman Sylvester band. They were amazing. I bought the […]

15 Feb

Tagged and bagged

29 Jan

Macro Photography – Making Molehills into Mountains

Macro Photography is basically taking pictures of small things like butterflies, bugs, flowers frogs and making them big. I love this type of photography! I love getting really close to the subject. I also think when you can see little critters up close it takes away the fear of them. Their faces can be so […]

26 Jan

Burrowing Owl in Portland Oregon

Burrowing Owl are quite small. I’ve never seen one in the wild before. This little guy is only a few inches tall. About the height of a crow.  I was so excited to see it. I was having issues with my camera lens so many of the shots didn’t turn out well. I was just […]

23 Jan

Portland Audubon to the Rescue

I had a cool experience last year helping to rescue a hurt Turkey Vulture at Steigerwald Lake wildlife refuge. It was the beginning of December and I went up to get some wildlife shots. As we approached the drive we saw something in the road.  My mom slowed way down and we could see it […]