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Anna’s Hummingbirds Portland Oregon

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We had some SUPER cold days here in Portland this winter. Our outdoor thermometer said it got down to 14 degrees. I got so worried about our little hummingbirds because I know they have to eat a lot but we left their feeders out overnight and they froze not knowing it was going to get so cold overnight. We brought them in and thawed them out, but it was so cold they started to freeze really fast. So I went out with my moms hair dryer and tried thawing them out. This worked pretty good.

 thawing out humming bird feeders

Sometimes it took a long time to make sure all the ice was gone.

 Determined to thaw out the nectar for the humming birds in 14 degree weather

I was determined to make sure they would have food to eat. Our little hummers are worth it. My mom had a great idea to keep the feeders thawed out all day. She went to Costco and got a big box of hand warmers (that’s what those things are on the feeder in the picture below). We opened them up and put them on the hummingbird feeders, and it worked great! The best part for me was when I was putting the feeder back up the little Anna’s humming bird came and ate while I was holding the feeder. It was so cool to be so close to these amazing little birds.


Through those cold days we brought the feeders in at night and put them them out with the hand warmers every morning. They loved having their food they hung around all day. One little hummingbird decided all the feeders where his and he would stand guard and patrol the feeders. It was so cool to watch. One time the grabbed another hummingbird by his back and they started twirling to the ground. I stopped them before they hit because just then my cat saw them and I didn’t want my cat to hurt them.

I learned so much about the Anna’s humming birds. According to the Portland Audubon Society they say that the Anna’s hummingbird stays around in winter and its good to leave your feeders up. They also say that leaving your feeder out doesn’t discourage them from migrating that is a myth. I also learned that they go into at kind of hibernation called a torpor. They do this to save energy. Isn’t that so cool! I hope that if you don’t have a hummingbird feeder that after reading this you will want to get one. The more food that is available for the hummingbirds the better their chances are to make it through winter. Plus its a bonus for Β you too! You get to watch these little flyers as they come to visit your home.

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  1. Tacey Abney says:

    I love your website! I don’t have a humming bird feeder but I think I should get one now. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see your next blog posts, great photography!

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