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For the Love of Bees!

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I love bees.

I think they are amazing and beautiful. Without them we wouldn’t have all the fruits we love to eat. Bees provide so much stuff for us.

I have been stung before, that doesn’t make me afraid of bees. It wasn’t the bee’s fault. My Grama was digging near their nest and they got mad. I would be mad too if someone  crashed a giant shovel in my home.  My mom says not to fear them because they can tell if we are afraid and if we freak out they might too. When I see them I always say “Hi, little guy” that way I think they know I don’t want to hurt them.  It makes me sad when I find them dead on the ground. I know there is so much junk in the air and on the plants they love that they are killed by it. I want to do what I can to help the bees. My mom and I made some Mason bee homes. We went to a bird shop to get them by Clackamas Mall called The Backyard Bird Shop. We got the bees there and then we made them a couple homes. One Mason Bee house we made is for tubes. You put the bees in the tubes and new tubes into the the house so when they come out they have new houses to move into. The other one we drilled holes into a branch we got from my neighbor. She has a big tree that had some branches she had to cut because of the storm we had not to long ago. We said we would take them if it was ok with her. She was happy to give them to us so one of the branches my mom cut up and we turned it into a bee house.

Mason Bee House Mason Bee Home with Protective cover Mason Bee Home with Protective Winter Door Mason Bee Home from a Branch

I can’t wait till they come out. It will be cool to watch how they make their new homes.

Here are some pictures I got of  the first bees I’ve seen so far this spring. I hope to see a lot more… ALIVE!

Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (2) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (3) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (4) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (5) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (6) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 (7) Oregon Bee in Spring 2014 GIF

I was really, really close to these bees. They didn’t try to sting me, they were just doing their job  and let me get super close to them.

My Mom found a great poem about bees and how important they are on Google+. Here it is I hope you like it like we did. Remember bees are one of the things that keeps us alive because without them pollinating we couldn’t have fruit and if we didn’t have fruit certain animals couldn’t survive and we couldn’t survive. So the next time you’re eating your favorite fruit remember to respect bees because you wouldn’t be eating that fruit without the hardworking bees. Bees are to be loved not hated and feared.

~ Save The Bees Please~

As I sit in the sand,
holding momentary plans
In my mind I think I’ll order …
A tall thought
To drop off
How about…
Starting first with my thirst
An ice tea sweetened with
honey and lemon …
You don’t have any
The Bees are dead
Try Artificial sweetener instead
Now what do we do?
To the Bees, this might be true…
All too soon
Bees … Please…
Hang in
The leaves that have fallen …
Will give soon …
To budding trees
As my heart is true and yours to keep
Not just because you sweeten my tea
That’s not the reason
The case is …
The world would be so different
Without your love
Your Bumbling existence…
Is something beyond exquisite
By the knowledge of you
Giving bloom to our fruit
Pollen to potency is grouped
Politely incorporating
The nectar of love
Into a golden potion
Healing, calming, and revitalizing
With a sting of taste
Being aware now…
Needs some Tape
Any method is Not in Haste
To save you with grace
Described of the gods
As a special form
To just be deleted …
Is Extinction born
In storms we have been warned
But we are only human in form
Now with some dying knowledge …
we intend to just be thoughtless
To colonies of hives
The love within you
Needs no more honey
biology equals beeswax
The Honey created
Miracles as the star
Most of us … Don’t realize
The Bees work is …
The Prize within the hive
The Bees are the real star
Working with us now…but not for long
If they retire …
Labor to love
Is a demise for produce
With none to choose from
Set in …to be left with out
The traces of doubt
All the Bees’ work
Will come tumbling down
Their hand is …
Nature’s middle man
Balancing Earths’ developing fuel
For human consumption
This they do, do
With precision provided …
by pollinating tools
To degrees
Humans puncture …
A sound production
Hollow …. Gram per pound
Honey of thickness …
is not Richness enough
A Liquid chemical works better
Putting a quicker spin on to dust
If re-thought Bumbles are a must
Queens develop the dreams,
of others
If it’s only of monetary means
Little soliders of the hive
Sadly you are unwise
To this invisible Demise
All we need to do to start to save you…
Is to NOT BUY Chemicals
That are sprayed wide
There are other options to try
Corporate stores
Find this statement a Bore
Only Pronounced are the affects
If the Bees Hit the floor
Producing produce, no more
It Is then, too late to ignore,
the little soldiers anymore
Thier bumbles of delight provide…
An equitable fight for life
Combs of honey, to stock plenty
In piles of money
From the nectar of the gods
We bleed a new greed
Stumbling to find old ways
To sustain, in a suitable way
Save the Bees
We need them
To be able to feed
I beg and plead
Save the Bees
Or at least buzz them…
Some relief~

By Celeste 

Thank You  Celeste for letting us share your poem.

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