27 Jun June 27, 2015

From Hawaii’s Big Island to Portland

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WOW, WOW, WOW!! That’s what I think of my visit to Hawaii. It was beautiful and lots of fun. I saw so many different flowers and birds. I even saw a few Geckos and Mongoose too. Wait is it Mongeese if you see more than one? LOL, just kidding. We visited the volcano and a few towns from Hilo to Kona. While I love everything I saw and  did while there I think I like the South part up to Hilo the best. Maybe it’s because I’m from Oregon but it’s more wet but more green too and it has waterfalls like home. But when it rains there it still stays warm, that’s alot better than home. If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen some of the flowers and animals I captured from Turtles and Geckos to Owls and Boats. I wanted to share more pictures so I thought I would here.

I got lots of pictures but I was most excited about the Owl or the Pueo Hawaii’s short eared owl. I got it on the day we were leaving. We were planing on going to the Volcano while it was still dark so I could see the lava in the hole. You can’t see it during the day which is when we went before. That was the plan but everything took longer than we planed. I was kinda disappointed but we went up to the Volcano anyways. It was really early in the morning and it was pretty much just us on the road. Half way up my mom and I yell stop the car. My dad stops and I am kinda freaking out trying to get my Canon out of the bag. My dad sees what me and mom are so excited about and he slowly gets me a little closer trying not to scare it away. I unbuckle my belt and lean over my mom and get my camera out the window. Click, Click, Click I’m so excited. This owl was out in the open and just a little way from us. When he looked at me it was just so cool and amazing. His eyes were just so intense. When he finally flew away his wing span was bigger that what I thought it would be for such a small owl. I got a couple pics of him flying away but they were blurry. Awesome! thats the only word I can think of to describe how I felt about this experience. Here is one of the pictures I got of the beautiful Pueo

Pueo the Hawaiian Owl

 Here are some of the other pictures I got on my trip. I hope you like them. Which one is your favorite? These pictures are all available to buy too. Thanks for visiting my site.

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