19 Jan January 19, 2017

Hayden Rossignol Photography @StopandSeethenature

StopandSeetheNature 0 Portland OR photographer

It’s been a while since posting on my site so I thought I would do an update post. I’m Hayden Rossignol, I love wildlife. I’ve been taking photos for a few years. I’m 14 now. I am mostly known for my wildlife photography. I’ve won a few awards and contests for my photography. I’ve been published in Nat Geo Kids magazine and had one of my photos in vice President Joe Biden’s home. I like going to wildlife refuges and nature parks anywhere I can find wildlife.

I’ve tried other types of photography like street, newborn, portrait and wedding. I feel more nervous doing theses kind because others are depending on me doing a good job.  I still like doing these types though.

I enjoy sharing my photo adventures on Instagram. My IG is @StopandSeetheNature just like my site. I’ve had some amazing experiences while I’ve been out and about with my camera.

I know I still have allot to learn.  I know I need to get some more camera gear to expand into some of the other types of photography I enjoy. I also need to learn more about processing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. Hopefully I will also be able to adventure to more and more places so I can Stop and See the Nature there too.

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