29 Mar March 29, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods to Bend and Sunriver Oregon

StopandSeetheNature 0 Bend Oregon Wildlife

My trip over Mt. Hood to Bend and Sunriver was GREAT! I thought I would see lots of birds and wildlife this time because I was really looking for them to get a picture. I did see some but not as many as I was hoping too. I had a lot of fun. When we got into town we went to the Old Mill area in Bend. There the Deschutes River goes by the back side of the stores and stuff. We walked around the river and saw a few geese and they were flying and making noise. Then we crossed the bridge and just happened to see something that looked like a weasel swimming across the river.

Mink swimming in the Deschuets River Bend Oregon

We found out at Bend’s High Desert Museum that it was a Mink.

While we were there at the museum I saw some beautiful birds of prey. I like that the birds are living there because they have been rescued and can’t live in the wild anymore.

Bald Eagle Bend Oregon Barn Owl Bend Oregon

It was so cool to hear the Eagle. His wings are so huge. My moms favorite was the Barn Owl. He looked so peaceful.

The next place we went to was the Sunriver Nature Center . It was great we saw a few different little birds. It was great to see and hear them.

House Finch Sunriver Oregon Black Bird with Red Spots on Wings Sunriver Oregon House Finch Bend Oregon

One morning my dad thought he heard an Owl in the trees outside of where we were staying. I grabbed my camera and my mom and I ran out. We listened and tried to find which tree it was coming from. It took us a while to find the tree. I ran out of our place so fast I only had on my flip-flops and my feet were cold, but I didn’t care I wanted to get a picture of an owl in the wild. After we found the tree the hoots were coming from we tried to see it. I even copied the sound and got it to hoot back. Finally it flew out of the tree and this is what we saw.

Morning Dove Sunriver Oregon

It wasn’t an owl at all. It was a Morning Dove. Man! I was disappointed. I mean it was cool to see the bird. I think its cool that some animals mimic other animals, but I really wanted to see an Owl. Maybe next time I  can find someone that knows all the birding spots.

While we were leaving the nature center I saw a cute little creature. We were driving in the van so my dad stopped and opened the side door so I could get a picture of him.

Prairie Dog Bend Oregon

At first I thought he was a squirrel but then when we got home my sister told me that he was a Prairie Dog. He’s so cute, I wish I could have him as a pet but my big Fat 20lb cat Tiny would probably sit on him.  Plus I think its better to leave wild animals in the wild.

I saw a few more birds, a couple woodpeckers too and some Jay’s I tried to get a picture of them flying but they sure are fast. I tempted them with some nuts to come to my deck. These pictures were really hard to get because the sun was coming straight into the window while I was trying to get the pictures. It was awesome that they came so close to me on the deck. I didn’t get  those  pictures. I wanted them to know that I was their friend and didn’t want to hurt them. I think they felt I was good because they came so close they almost came inside my room.

Flying Jay in Sunriver Oregon Stellers Jay Sunriver Oregon Steller's Jay Sunriver Oregon

I also got some pictures of trees, mountains, pine-cones and stuff like that.

I had a great time in Bend and Sunriver. I can’t wait to go back. I really want to get more pictures of the wildlife.
Mountain in Oregon

I love taking pictures of the landscapes. I know the picture isn’t the best ever but I love it. I think its so cool that no one will ever have a picture that looks just like this one. The clouds will never look exactly like this on this mountain ever again. I guess taking pictures can kind of be like a snowflake. No two are exactly alike. To me that is just one of the best things about taking pictures of nature. Next time your out in nature remember to

STOP and SEE the Nature. You may be the only one ever to see exactly what you are seeing.

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