23 Jan January 23, 2017

Portland Audubon to the Rescue

StopandSeetheNature 0 Portland Audubon Society

I had a cool experience last year helping to rescue a hurt Turkey Vulture at Steigerwald Lake wildlife refuge. It was the beginning of December and I went up to get some wildlife shots. As we approached the drive we saw something in the road.  My mom slowed way down and we could see it was a Turkey Vulture trying to walk across the highway. I jumped out of the car and guided it back into the refuge. It walked down the drive back into the field. My mom called the Portland Audubon Society to see if someone could come help it. After a few calls back and forth someone came. We helped guide it to where they were able to rescue it. They got it and took it to the wildlife rescue center.  Sadly it’s injuries were too bad and it had to be permanently put to sleep. I’m glad to think its not suffering anymore or slowly dying in the freezing weather we had. I was able to get a couple shots before they got him.

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