27 Apr April 27, 2014


When you STOP and SEE the Nature, The nature will STOP and SEE you!

There are so many cool animals around us. I love to see as many as I can. They all amaze me. Today was an AMAZING day. I have been sick for about 2 weeks. I’ve never been sick like this before. Even though the weather wasn’t great I still went outside. I have cabin fever. I am so happy that I did. I had something so cool and amazing happen. I think animals can feel if we mean to hurt them or not.

hand feeding squirrel Squirrel Nuts

This little squirrel knew I would never hurt her. She came back again and again for nuts. I hope she will come again, I would like to think that I made a little friend.

Later this same day something else happened. Birds I have never seen before came by for a visit in my back yard. My mom has done lots to make our backyard wildlife friendly. So today we had lots of visitors. Even though it was raining I went out to try to get couple pictures of them.

Male Yellow Finch Portland Yellow Finches Yellow Finches in PDX Portland Yellow Finch

These are Yellow Finches. My Gramma got me a book that shows birds that live around us. The book said that they are Yellow Finch. It was raining when I took these pictures. I moved really slow so I didn’t scare them away.

The last picture I got today was very tiny. When I say I love all of nature I mean it. Even the eight legged ones.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I had to get really close to this spider to get a good pic. I know most people are scared of them but they really are cool. Their webs are so cool!

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