11 Feb February 11, 2014

The BEST thing ever IN MY LIFE happened during the Portland Snow Storm

StopandSeetheNature 1 Humming Birds, Portland Snow Storm

I had so much fun playing in the snow. I hope you did too. I made an ice cave for myself. It took forever to do it but it was a lot of fun. That’s me inside


I also made snow cubbies for the birds. I filled them with seeds. They loved them.

Snow Cave for Birdies During Snow Storm 2012Snow Cubbies for PDX Birds

We also had some of our little hummingbird friends pay us a visit. It was really hard to keep the feeders thawed. We left a couple out and a couple in and then traded them when the outside ones froze.

Portland Snow HummingbirdsPortland Snow Storm Hummingbird

Then my mom had a great idea.

Humming Bird Heater for the Portland Snow Storm

It worked great. I didn’t have to change this humming bird feeder anymore.

The seeds I put out everyday brought more birds. Every morning I went out to make sure they could get to the seeds. Every time they were covered over from snow or ice so we went through a bunch of seeds.

Β Feeding the birds during the snow stormFeeding the birds during the snow storm

I was happy to do it. It brought so many birds.

Portland Snow birds 2014Snow Birds In #PDX

Then we had a little seed stash thief come along…

Portland Snow Storm Squirrel

Actually I didn’t mind. I was happy he/she found the seeds and got them to feed his family. But my ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER IN MY LIFE happened during the snow storm. I had a cool thing happen last time we had some really cold days. When I was putting out the humming bird feeder a hummer came to the feeder while I was holding it. That was so awesome. This TOTALLY tops that. I’m learning that to take good pictures takes a lot of patience. Well this really took patience. Close to one of our feeders we have a bench under it so we can change the feeders easier. I was standing on the bench while hummingbirds were coming and going. It was so cool to be so close to them. When your that close you really know why they are called humming birds. Their wings make a loud hummmmm when they fly. It took me a while, I didn’t want them to think I was going to hurt them so I waited by the feeder for a while. Then I tried….

Petting hummingbirds in the PDX Storm

to pet the humming bird. First try he flew away. Next he let me pet his tail and he didn’t fly away. Then….

Petting hummingbirds in the PDX StormPetting hummingbirds in the PDX StormFeeding the birds during the snow stormPetting hummingbirds in the PDX Storm

He let me pet him from his head to his tail. I was so exited I was jumping inside (my mom took these pictures with her phone) I got to pet him a couple times. This is something I wanted to to so bad and I was finally able to do it. I was so happy this was the BEST DAY EVER IN MY LIFE! I know lots of people might not have liked all the snow but I would love to have it come all over again if I could get to pet a humming bird again.

The BEST thing EVER Happened in my Life during the PDX snow storm

Thanks for reading about my BEST DAY EVER! I hope you had a great day during the Portland Snow Storm too. Please check back often for more pictures as I Stop and SEE the Nature.

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  1. Tacey says:

    That is so exciting!!! That little guy must’ve trusted you because you were taking such good care of him! πŸ™‚

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