15 Feb February 15, 2017

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StopandSeetheNature 0 Portland Oregon Wildlife

Macro Photography is basically taking pictures of small things like butterflies, bugs, flowers frogs and making them big. I love this type of photography! I love getting really close to the subject. I also think when you can see little critters up close it takes away the fear of them. Their faces can be so […]

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26 Jan January 26, 2017

Burrowing Owl in Portland Oregon

StopandSeetheNature 0 Owls

Burrowing Owl are quite small. I’ve never seen one in the wild before. This little guy is only a few inches tall. About the height of a crow.  I was so excited to see it. I was having issues with my camera lens so many of the shots didn’t turn out well. I was just […]

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23 Jan January 23, 2017

Portland Audubon to the Rescue

StopandSeetheNature 0 Portland Audubon Society

I had a cool experience last year helping to rescue a hurt Turkey Vulture at Steigerwald Lake wildlife refuge. It was the beginning of December and I went up to get some wildlife shots. As we approached the drive we saw something in the road.  My mom slowed way down and we could see it […]

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It’s been a while since posting on my site so I thought I would do an update post. I’m Hayden Rossignol, I love wildlife. I’ve been taking photos for a few years. I’m 14 now. I am mostly known for my wildlife photography. I’ve won a few awards and contests for my photography. I’ve been […]

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19 Jan January 19, 2017

Great Horned Owl near Bend Oregon

StopandSeetheNature 0 Bend Oregon Wildlife, Owls

I love finding wildlife everywhere I go. The ones I love to get shots of the most are the ones that are the hardest to find. For me that’s owls. I love them. They are so beautiful. They blend in so well to their surroundings and I’ve only found them early in the morning or […]

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18 Jan January 18, 2017

Anna’s Hummingbird 2017 Winter Portland

StopandSeetheNature 0 Humming Birds

Because my other lens is in the shop 😒 I was out with my 80mm prime lens… If you’re not familiar with prime lenses they only have one focal length….. so like on your phone in camera mode that little + or – that brings things closer while you stand still … it doesn’t do […]

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18 Jan January 18, 2017

Multnomah Falls Dressed in Ice

StopandSeetheNature 0 Multnomah Falls

  We went to Multnomah Falls today πŸ˜‰… it was crazy cold. This is a few shots put together… all of the ice was cool! Not allot of colors this time of year … lots of photographers there… I couldn’t use my tripod because I realized I left the connector on my lens that’s in […]

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Young Photographer in Portland Oregon has Work on Display at Vice President Biden’s Residence Hayden Rossignol Β (12) is a photographer in Portland Oregon. He is a nature photographer and has been taking pictures for a couple years. Hayden has been in art walks, markets and fairs in Gresham, Troutdale and Fairview. He is also a […]

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27 Jun June 27, 2015

From Hawaii’s Big Island to Portland

StopandSeetheNature 0 Hawaii

WOW, WOW, WOW!! That’s what I think of my visit to Hawaii. It was beautiful and lots of fun. I saw so many different flowers and birds. I even saw a few Geckos and Mongoose too. Wait is it Mongeese if you see more than one? LOL, just kidding. We visited the volcano and a […]

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